20 Obvious Things You May Not Know About The World Cup


Finally, the much anticipated world event have finally come to pass and that’s the 2018 World Cup being hosted by Russsia.

As expected, expectations are high with regards to which team finally leads the greatest sport of all time till the next event in 2022. In the spirit of the moment, 9jaHyper compile a list of 20 obvious things you may not know about the World Cup.


1. This is the 21st World Cup.

2. 3.2 billion people were estimated to have watched the last World Cup in 2014 and that is obviously half of the number of the people on the planet… Football is something else.

3. Every World Cup have always been won by a team that is led by a coach, who is also the national of that team’s country… I hope this is not a bad omen for the super Eagles.

4. Russia have never won the World Cup neither have they ever made it out of the group stage.

5. Super Eagles first qualification for the World Cup was in 1994.

6. Going by the dates, the quarter finals shall be on July 6 while the semi-finals holds on July 10… I hope by then Nigerians would have know their fate after all the hype.

7. Inasmuch as Russia won Saudi Arabia 5 – 0, The Saudis still ranks above Russsia in FIFA ranking i.e Russsia is at spot 65 while Saudi Arabia is at spot 63.

8. In order to meet up with FIFA 35000 seats capacity, the Ekatering Burg’s stadium (2018 World Cup Stadium) have seats outside it, that’s to say that some people will pay tickets just to watch Televisions there.

9. Referees now have rights to stop and abandon a game if racist and discriminatory incidents occur.

10. Egypt legendary goalkeeper who is aged 45 is the oldest player in this current tournament.

11. Just for making the group stage, Nigeria and other nations are already entitled to $8million dollars while the Overall winner will be entitled to $38million and the first runner up or loser is compensated with $28million… Chai money dey football o.

12. This may be the last time you will see some of your favorite players like Luis Suarez (31) and Andreas Iniesta (33).

13. A total of 64 matches will be played in just under a month. Bet9ja don set for Nigerians o.

14. Amazing, Nigeria team have already won a trophy – “The most fashionable team Russsia2018

15. The highest score in the qualifiers this year is Qatar 15 – 0 against Bhutan but this is far below Australia 31 – 0 against America Samoa in 2001.

16. The most exciting group is group D comprising of Nigeria, Argentina, Iceland and Croatia. Nigeria sabi slay anywhere sha.

17. India is the only country that qualified without playing a single game. Is this some sort of compensation?

18. Anyways the reason for the above is because in 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup after qualifying because FIFA refused their team playing bare-footed. Let us see them play bare-footed against the likes of Messi and Ronaldo now.

19. According to Google statistics, people are interested in Kim Kardashian just the way people are now interested in the World Cup.

20. Zimbabwe was supposed to qualify from Africa for the World Cup but was expelled after refusing to pay their coach a certain amount of debt. Funny right.


The World Cup trophy is so valuable that only winners and heads of states and governments are allowed to touch it and also, after winning the trophy, FIFA will collect the original and give a fake replica of it to the winners months later.


Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan Launches in Nigeria – Gives upto 6GB of Free Data On Recharge

Glo Yakata was initially launched in Ghana before its unveiling in Nigeria.

I’m guessing Glo was touched by the porting of her subscribers to other networks according to latest reports released by NCC.

What is Glo Yakata?

Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan which rewards new and existing Glo customers with amazing benefits every time they recharge their Glo
lines. These benefits include free data, unlimited Glo to Glo calls and free minutes to call other networks.

What do I Stand to Enjoy on Glo Yakata?

Free 6GB data every month for 6 months

Recharge of N100 and above will get a total of 2200% values in voice calls, data and SMSs.

How Does it Work?

Recharge of N100 on Glo Yakata gives the customer N350 in their bonus accounts for voice calls and SMS, customers will also get free 50mb on their first recharge of the month, bonus 50mb for subsequent recharges.

N200 recharge gives customers N700 in their bonus account, free 250MB for first recharge in the month, 100MB on subsequent recharge in the month.

N500 recharge gives you N1750 in your bonus account, 625MB for first recharge and 250MB subsequent recharge.

N1000 recharge gives you N3500 in your bonus account, 1.25GB for first recharge of the month, and 500MB subsequent recharge

N5000 recharge will have your bonus account credited with

N17,500, free 6.25GB of data for first recharge in the month, 2.5GB for subsequent recharges in a month.

What is Yakata Bonus Validity?

Bonus is valid for 7 days from recharge date. You cannot accumulate validity days but you can accumulate your Glo Yakata
bonuses. Every recharge you make will increase the total airtime balance in your Yakata bonus account.

How Do I Migrate?

Dial *220# to migrate. To confirm if you are on Yakata package, dial #100# on your Glo line

How do I Check my Yakata Bonus?

Dial #22*1#

Can the bonus airtime be used to subscribe for any value added service?

No! All value added service subscriptions will be charged from main account

Can I share my Yakata bonus with another Glo customer?

No! Any value in the bonus account is not shareable or transferable.

Glo Yakata Tariff

=> Calls from both main and bonus accounts are charged at 55K/S (N33/Min) on Glo to Glo calls, while calls are charged at 70K/S (N42/Min) to other networks.

=>SMS is charged at N4/msg from main account and N14/MSG from bonus account.

Easiest Way to Detect Fake SD card Before You Fall Victim

If you’re a digital camera or gadget enthusiast you are probably aware that it can be difficult to know if your SD card is actually authentic. Counterfeit memory cards have now spread throughout the marketplace.

Packaging on the cards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SDcard from the real thing. Have you wondered why your Photos keep disappearing? Have you been in a situation where you pay heavily to get a 62GB SDcard, only for you to discover that it can only take 8GB files?

I’ve had some unpleasant experiences getting an SD card of 32GB only to discover that the available space was just 4GB.

But relax, I’m going to show you how to detect fake SD card before buying it.

How to Detect Fake SD card?

SD Insight: The packaging on SDcards can make it difficult to distinguish a fake SD card from the real thing. But with SD insight, you can easily get that done.

SD Insight is a free, fast and easy-to-use mobile application to view SD card manufacturing details, original size and lot more.

Insert an SD card into your phone and in seconds your SD card
information is displayed in a simple format.

How Does it Work?

1. Download SD Insight from Google Play store

2. Insert an SDcard into your Android cell phone. (Note: You

may need to turn off your cell phone to do this).

3. Launch the SD Insight application. In seconds, your SDcard information will be displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell phone’s screen.

4. You can see information such as manufacturer’s name, date of manufacture, product name and serial number.

Click the Menu button to see more detailed information about your memory card.

5. If you have more than one memory
card in your device, you will also be able to see details for each of the memory cards.

6. You can also view validation of the SDCard against its class rating for the minimum data transfer rate (e.g. Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10)

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Telecom Operators to Begin Data Rollover

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has directed telecommunication operators in the industry to begin data rollover
from June 26.

This has been long expected even though monthly data plans don’t actually get to 30 days expiration period before it’s been exhausted.

This means telecom operators must henceforth add a subscriber’s unused or unfinished data to his/her new or next data subscription.

Before this new directive from the NCC, subscribers’ unfinished or unused data subscription automatically became useless to them as soon as it hit the expiry date except you renew it a day before it expires.

According to NCC marching order,

“The NCC has directed the telecom service providers in the .country to begin the implementation of data rollover on June 26, 2018. They have been duly informed about this and they have also been given adequate time to prepare their networks for it.

“Failure to implement this will attract N5m fine on the first of failure on each sim card and N500,000 on each day that follows the first default date.

Note that this is different from the extra 14 days grace period for data rollover as discussed here.

For more info. Add me on Whatsapp: +2347069465843

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