7 Crazy Reasons You Should Have Loud Sex


Obviously, having loud sex comes with a lot of baggage ranging from the simple to the bizarre. Your neighbors might find it very offensive but having loud sex have a lot of advantages. Records show that a number of people have been arrested for disturbing the peace of their neighbourhood with loud moans and groans. This fact may want to scare you away from loud sex but here are 7 Reasons why it’s a great idea.

It Aids communication
morning loud during sex helps you to better communicate with your partner during sex. Sex devoid of talk may cause you to break off several times to explain what it is you want your partner to do. This is completely avoided during loud $ex as you’re already telling them how amazing what they are doing is the moment is.

It Makes You less judgmental
Getting loud in bed tells your partner that you’re open to enjoying yourself without judging yourself or them of anything. Moaning, talking dirty, shouting are all ways of shedding the inhibitions you and your partner may have towards sex. Doing so will help you both relax and let go of stress which you may have from work or everyday life.

Clears Your Airways
Raising your voice during sex can help you clear your airways in a way that helps you breath easily during $ex. When you moan, talk and scream during sex, it allows the easy movement of air into your lungs which can have an effect on how turned on you become during the lovemaking session and how relaxed you become afterwards. You’ll breathe easier.

Can Determine How Soon Your Partner Orgasms
According to a research published in the Archives of sexual Behavior, loud sex can help your partner achieve orgasm sooner than they would during quiet sex. The research also found that women tend to make more noise before their partner orgasms than during their own which they felt may suggest that some women use it to help their partners achieve orgasm sooner than they actually would.

Prevents Anyone From Accidentally Walking In On You
Of course, when you crank up the volume with a lot of moans, groans and screams, anyone coming to disturb already gets the sign from afar to lay off. It sends a subtle “do not disturb message” to all and sundry which can help you spend longer time making out especially if you’re a student with a roommate.

It Can Help You Live Out A Fantasy
There’s a sort of crazy exhibition fantasy behind trying to avoid letting everyone know you just had $ex and actually letting people know you just had sex. Choosing the latter suggests you’re on your way to living up a sexual fantasy that’s akin to exhibitionism without the complexities of sex club orgies.

It’s A Simple Way Of Turning The Fire on when you groan loudly during sex — especially with dirty and sensual talk, the sheer fact that you do so brings some form of excitement and edge to your relationship without adding too many complexities to your life.


5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way We Learn And Live


“Traditional communication as we know it is becoming extinct and the companies who will rule their industries in the future are those who embrace the latest developments in digital communication.
Most people don’t see big changes coming. What they see is a continuation of recent developments. But that’s not the case with technologies of the 21st century. An extrapolation of Moore’s law show that computing power doubles every two years.
Technology improves geometrically while our brains see things linearly. Technically, at best, we may be myopic when forecasting where social media will be some 10 years from now.
Here are five things that will probably change about how we learn and live based on the social media revolution in as little as ten years from now.

1. Collaborative learning:

Education is one of the fields that will likely be influenced most by social media. The logical extension of traditional learning is learning on social media via direct chat with lecturers and group chats where several students can communicate with one another and with their lecturer. They will communicate in real time. This collaboration will make learning fun and easy to cope with. Soon, it may be possible to network several minds together using a technology called mind placing and learning will just be about ensuring one of the persons in the network learns the subject matter. Other minds in the network will be updated with the new information.

2. Accelerated learning:

I think 80 percent of all the needed materials on a course or subject is now available on the internet.
what people study for four years in a university is now a few clicks away. The only need for lecturers in the future may be about offering guidance to students. Self study can enable a student complete his undergraduate degree in as little as a year in the future.

3. Virtual reality:

most active users of Facebook don’t feel the presence of the person they are chatting with. That will change in the future. Virtual reality will allow someone in Nigeria to go on a date with someone is Japan in a virtual environment. They will meet, exchange greetings and move around from the comfort of their homes. Virtual reality will make online learning more meaningful and productive. It will be possible to attend all lectures in a virtual environment.

4. Decision making:

unknown to some persons, the first thing people do when they want to know about you is to check your full names on Google. The next place they check is Facebook. A recent research revealed that 25 percent of college admissions officers consider digital footprints. 75 percent of human resource managers check candidate’s online presence on Google and social media. 35 percent of employers reject candidates based on something found in their profile.

5. Digital media capital:

Facebook is working on making everybody on earth have access to internet and Facebook by the year 2020. Once that is achieved, employers will find probably look for people with strong social media credibility and authority as against intellectual abilities alone when considering prospects for some departments.

10 things parents shouldn’t tell their daughters


Most times our society frowns upon young girls who stand up for themselves, in terms of reaching for what they believe in.

Parents out of fear for what the community or society would say, tell their daughter a daughter to lower their goals, expectations and settle for the norm.

They tend to forget that she’ll be a woman someday, passing what has been taught to her down to her daughters and the circle goes on. Phenomenal women who have recorded their names in history books, stepped out of that vicious circle, never settled for anything less than they deserved and were the odd ones who decided not to be called average.

According to Lifehack, teenage girls should be given better advice by their parents rather than hearing these words.

1. “That’s a man’s job”: Our society has stereotyped certain roles, jobs, occupation and careers to males. A woman who tries one of these masculine role, is therefore seen as odd. Parents should learn to tell their daughters there are no specific jobs or career men, it makes them broaden their thoughts.

2. “You are wasting your time”: There’s nothing worse than a parent not willing to give their teenage daughter a chance to prove herself. She can only carve a niche for herself when she tries her hands on different things.

3. “That’s very unladylike of you”:
Our society has stereotyped girls as just being pretty little things adorned with beautiful ribbons, acting right and waiting for the man who’ll whisk her off. Parents should let their daughter try unladylike stuffs like wearing baggy clothes instead of forcing her to be feminine always.

4. Your class is too high/low for him: Your daughters cannot become stronger if they don’t get rejected once or twice. As weird as it seems, that the harsh truth of life. Shielding your daughter from certain life lessons especially on love, relationships and sexuality, can cause more harm than good for her. Just be there to give then good advice rather than condemning them totally.

5. “Why can’t you be more like her?”: Telling your daughter this will bring out her insecurities, she’ll feel the only way to be accepted is by copying others because you constantly compare her to other girls out there then an unhealthy competition begins. She can only be the best version of herself and no one else

6. “Don’t aim too high, lower your expectations”: As a parent, if your daughter has potentials of a future leader, don’t try to cut her expectations short by telling her being average is the norm. The girl child will never reach her full potential as a woman if her wings are constantly clipped. Let her look up to someone as a role model.

7. “Don’t worry your pretty head”: Puberty for girls has it’s own set of problems, she wants to explore as she transitions into a woman and is bound to feel different kind of emotions at once. Try to make her know that you understand what she’s going through, instead of telling her not to worry herself over  issues which are important to her.

8. “I’ll help you do that”: As little girls come of age, parents are advised to reduce trying to step in for every problem these girls may face. Helping them with every task makes them totally dependent on you. Letting them solve some problems makes them highly independent women in future.

9. “Girls shouldn’t eat too much”: transitioning into a woman has a lot of insecurities to deal with especially body issues. She either falls into an eating binge or starts to diet. As a parent, your honest advice should be all she needs but it shouldn’t come in form of criticisms. Criticising your teenage daughter on her eating habits would worsen those insecurities.

10. “You are too young to handle that”: Allow your daughter to plan her future from a very early age. It’s more than just asking her whats she wants to become in life. If your daughter opens up her ambition and aspirations to you, never doubt what she can do. Rather, encourage her to work hard.