Make Cheap International Calls with WhatsApp | IMO Android Apps

How to make cheap International Calls to Nigeria and also from Nigeria.

we all know making calls to places outside Nigeria can be very expensive.

Our mobile network operators have introduced many plans. Using one migration code or the other, these plans are supposed to enable us make cheaper international calls.

But hey! Have you thought outside of the box?

Have you ever considered Whatsapp or Imo SMS apps as free call apps too?They are just for texting of course, if you have an android phone, you’re good to make free calls with these apps for free.

Here are steps you can take to make even cheaper international calls:

Imo free calls app

You (the caller) and the recipient should own smart phones.

(Hey! everyone abroad should own a smartphone).Invite the person to WhatsApp or IMO. Call each other through voice call feature in any of these two apps. That’s all.

Sounds to easy right? Trust me, it’s far cheaper calling people abroad through VOIP calls, than placing calls the normal way. If your concern is call clarity, IMO got you covered. Better still, set WhatsApp to consume less data.Try this and thank me later


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